Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes working together on site


Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane

Two of our Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes - working together the Liebherr 81.1K & the Liebherr 53K. The Self Erecting Tower Crane 81.1K has 6 inserts fitted which achieves its full mast height of 40.4m under the hook height and the jib length on this set to 42m.

The 53k Self-Erecting Tower Crane, fitted with its maximum 3 inserts, has 40m Jib length and with the inserts provides 31m under the hook height. This crane is a Pedestrian Operated tower crane that operates on remote control and an outrigger base on only 4.2m x4.2m and with a ground bearing pressure of only 284 kn through each outrigger. At 40m radius the crane`s safe working load is 1100kgs.

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  • Liebherr53k-81-1k
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